Hurn Forest Clinic is dedicated to helping the public achieve good health by working with the wonderful programs which nature has provided for our healing. Using  Medicinal Herbs,  Wholefood Nutrition, Juices,  Organic Food Supplements and suitable Exercise Regimes, we have successfully created  individual support programs for our patients over 40 years of practise.

We are able to  test  for food and chemical sensitivities using one of our sophisticated  biofeedback devices, and gain unique insight into your  health patterns using the most advanced Bioresonance scanners . All of our therapies and equipment are safe and non invasive.

Patients are encouraged  to commit to making  corrections in their diet, following recommended exercise appropriate to age and fitness, and making lifestyle changes, which may be necessary to restore balance and homeostasis within the body.

For deeper emotional issues affecting health we have introduced an innovative system of tracking hidden programs within the subconscious mind, and providing a way to re-program with positive affirmations.

This we have named - DNA Bio-Encoding which can help you to face the world, your past, present and future with optimism and hope.

We like to think that visiting our clinic will begin a process which can transform your life, as it has done for so many others.

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